Pastor Lee Jenkins
Elephants In The Room Series Part 6
“Be Rich”

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Pastor Lee gives a powerful message on “Racial Healing” from his sermon series Elephants In the Room. Reading from John Chapter 4.

Pastor Lee Jenkins
Elephants in the Room Sermon Series Part 2
The Haves & The Have Nots

Eagles Nest Church & Roswell Community Church – Conversations Movement Landing

Eagles Nest Church & Roswell Community Church – Conversations Movement Launch

Pastor Lee Jenkins preaching a series at Eagles Nest Church called, Elephants In The Room dealing with controversial subjects from a biblical perspective.

Pastor Lee Jenkins wraps up his #Detours sermon series speaking on letting go of pain from your past. Reading from Genesis 50:19-21 (NLT)

God will use your struggles to develop you for your destiny! Ask the butterfly who used to be a caterpillar. Ask Joseph who went from prison to second in command in Egypt (Genesis 50:20). -Pastor Lee Jenkins

Pastor Lee Jenkins Sermon: It’s Time For You To Be Great

Pastor Lee Jenkins Sermon: Water Walking Faith

Pastor Lee Jenkins Sermon: Mess, Masterpiece & Mission

Eagles Nest Church First Baptism

Pastor Lee Jenkins Sermon: Faith In The Midst of a Storm

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