Sundays With EagleKidz

A Typical Sunday

EagleKidz is jammed packed with 90-minutes of song and dance, craft activities, outdoor play, and age-appropriate Bible lessons geared to your child.


EagleKidz uses KidCheck to securely check-in your child(ren). For shorter wait times, parents are encouraged to check-in using KidCheck on a smart phone device.

Due to increasing spread of COVID-19 cases, we will continue to host our Sunday worship experience ONLINE ONLY. We will provide in-person regathering updates every 2 weeks.

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Wellness Policy

For the safety of your child, EagleKidz students, and our volunteers we ask that you adhere to our wellness policy guidelines. If you have any additional questions please email us at eaglekidz@eaglesnestchurch.org

We ask that you keep your child(ren) home if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or above
  • Skin rashes that have not been treated by a physician
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Eye Infection or discharge
  • Severe or persistent coughing
  • Severe head or common cold ( yellow or green mucus from eyes or nose)
  • Lice (any stage)
Special Needs Buddies

At EagleKidz we understand that not every child is the same and that's ok! If your child needs special assistance email us at eaglekidz@eaglesnestchurch.org and we will partner your child with a special needs buddy when they attend EagleKidz!

Resources for Parents

Parent Cue

It takes a village to raise a child. Ever needed help and didn't know where to turn? The Parent Cue is designed to help you do something each week to help move your child toward a deeper faith and a better future.

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Baby Dedication

Children are a special gift from God. We offer baby dedications every fifth Sunday in the Worship Center, immediately following our worship services. **Due to current restrictions for public gatherings, this event is currently postponed **

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Are you energetic, passionate, and interested in working with children? EagleKidz is our children’s ministry serving ages 6 months to 12 years old. Work directly with our kids and become a small group leader or a special needs buddy, or work outside the classroom as greeters and host to facilitate a great Sunday experience for our kids.

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Monthly Family News Letter

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Sunday Virtual Experience

(K-5) Sundays @ 10:00am
(Todlers) Sundays @ 11:00am

Story Time

Monthly | Every 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Infant, Toddler, & Elementary

Weekly Learning

Parent Resources

Eagle Kidz Information Center

What Will We Learn Together This Week?

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Infants & Toddlers

6 Month - Preschool


K - 5th grade

EK Story Time

Monthly | Every 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Parents, did you know Eaglekidz has story time on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm? See friends and listen to stories with our very own Eaglekidz children’s authors and mystery readers!

Join us every 3rd Wednesday at 7pm

EK Small Groups

Sundays @ 10:00am & 11:00am

We are now offering small groups on Sundays! You will be able to log in via Zoom, enjoy a Bible lesson with your friends and learn more about God’s word with your small group leader! Isn’t this great news?

Ok here is what you need to know!

1. K- 5th grade meet every Sunday at 10:00 am

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2. Toddlers meet every Sunday at 11:00 am

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Please have the following supplies; pencils, markers, crayons and paper ready for an activity.